Volunteering with traditional midwives

If you fancy voluntering with traditional midwives in the Amazon, learning about ancient knowledge systems of health generally and female reproductive health in particular, and if you want to meet the plants and spirits in our community, as well as our brothers, sons and husbands, then come and help us run AMUPAKIN in the Upper Napo region of the Ecuadorian Amazon. We welcome your help!

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator: gissela@amupakin.org

¡Good Spanish (Castellano) is not essential and if you stay long enough you will learn it. For short stays, to get as much as possible out of your stay, however, some basic knowlegde of Spanish or Kichwa will be very beneficial!

Some days we dance and chant, some days we dig trenches, some days we harvest and prepare medicinal plants, or care for them, we perform rituals, receive tourists and organise programmes for them, exhibiting our cultural forms, medicines and natural/holistic healing approaches.

No two days are alike and a willingness to go with the flow and integrate yourself in the day-to-day reality of AMUPAKIN will make you a member of our familiy for a while: we do what needs to be done to keep the collective going, the forest gardens (chakras) thriving and the compound up to scratch.